OTC trading for private investors

interested in:
Stocks without commission
Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 11pm
Saturday from 10am to 1pm
Sunday from 5pm to 7pm
on the account of your online bank


24.12.2021Christmas EveNo trading
25.12.20211st Day of ChristmasNo trading
26.12.20212nd Day of ChristmasNo trading
30.12.2021ThursdayTrading till 2pm
31.12.2021New Year's EveNo trading
01.01.2022New Year's DayNo trading
02.01.2022SundayNo trading
15.04.2022Good FridayNo trading
16.04.2022EasterNo trading
17.04.2022EasterNo trading
18.04.2022EasterNo trading
01.05.2022Labour Day (Sunday)No trading
24.12.2022Christmas EveNo trading
25.12.20221st Day of ChristmasNo trading
26.12.20222nd Day of ChristmasNo trading
30.12.2022FridayTrading till 2pm
31.12.2022New Year's EveNo trading
01.01.2023New Year's DayNo trading